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In this 2D platformer you play as two wizard brothers who become unlikely heroes.  You must use self sacrifice combined with the power of resurrection to overcome difficult obstacles. It's not all death and rebirth though. There are also challenging platforming obstacles and dangerous enemies that will try to kill you along the way. Good luck and remember, dying is just part of the adventure.

This is a short demo build. Controller is recommended, but keyboard and mouse is supported as well. 

Single Player or Local Co-op

Only available on PC

Install instructions

Additional download instructions can be found at



REZPLZ_Demo 227 MB


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I played the updated version and it was working great! thank you for the updated version because that made it so much easier!

YAY! So glad to hear that! 

i couldn't get past the lava chains and the devlog kept coming up but other than that it was really good!


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Sorry the demo gave you issues. I tried watching your youtube video, but for some reason it won't play properly. It sounds like there was a bug in the build. The dev log should only pop up when an error occurs. We just updated the build, so hopefully that fixes it. The tutorials are now keyboard and mouse friendly as well.